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100 Bible Verses to Pray for Your Business

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Grow your business strategically with prayer! Get instant access to this digital resource now! Join thousands of Christian entrepreneurs on their journey to pray and profit in business.


Named top social media expert by Later Media, Candace Junée is an award-winning digital marketing & automation strategist who has helped over 25,000 business owners increase their visibility, attract paying clients, and make consistent sales through social media. 

Candace Junée’s professional career in digital marketing began as a digital marketing technology consultant & UX Product Manager at Accenture. Before quitting her corporate job in 2017, she helped streamline digital marketing strategies for billion- dollar brands across industries ranging from computer software, fast fashion, media, to technology.

She has been an entrepreneur for 10+ years! Her incredible wisdom, passion & prophetic gifting make her out to be a phenomenal, extremely invested Christian business coach!


Meet your Christian business coach
Candace Junée

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